About Us

I was born in Bordeaux, France. My father served in the Armee de l'air (French Air Force)  and we moved regularly for the first fifteen years of my life. After moving to Narbonne in the south, and Cambrai in the north of France, my family settled in Versailles. Growing up, my vacations were spent mainly near Strasbourg or in Dax where my grandparents lived. While attending university, I lived in Nancy in the east of France before moving to Pennsylvania for a student exchange program where I studied Business Administration. During that one-year program, I met my husband and after graduating, we moved to Jacksonville, Florida for five years. We were married, and after the birth of our son, we moved back to Central Pennsylvania. A couple of years after we arrived in Pennsylvania, we welcomed the birth of our daughter.

Having a multicultural family has many challenges, and in part that is what this blog is about.  We want our children to recognize and appreciate both their American and French heritages.  When we decided to live in the United States, we had to make a commitment to preserve the French things in our lives, or else they would be overcome by busy schedules, convenience and routine.  We thought it important for our children to understand that while we were picking a place to live, we were not picking one culture over another culture.  Reconciling those cultures is difficult and hard work especially in hectic lives, and we work to have them complement one another rather than compete.